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Trust the Journey...

My expansive repertoire of skills in Eastern, Western and Energy Medicine with over 30 years of practice in the healing arts enable me to support and enhance your well-being and lifestyle. 

​Whether you are Yogi, grandparent, triathlete, cashier, animal lover, hiker, hippie, techie, seeker, entrepreneur, chef, farmer, teacher, receptionist, stay at home parent, weekend warrior... 

as an invaluable ally I assist you in creating and maintaining a life of balance, harmony and joy.

Experience wholeness of Body, Mind and Soul...

Wellness, Holistic Health, Fitness, Manual Lymph Drainage, Massage
Holistic Health, Nature, Healthy Lifestyle, Massage. Wellness
Healthy Lifestyle, Fitness, Wellness, Massage, Manual Lymphdrainage, Massage near me

Shamanic Massage:

This unique and profound healing work integrates various Massage Styles and Energy Medicine to clear persistent, negative and self-sabotaging patterns that are keeping you stuck in physical ailments, unhealthy behaviors, relationships or circumstances... read more here.


I intervene promptly - as soon as possible after trauma occurs - to ensure pain relief, speedy recovery and long term healing. The gentle, featherlike touch of Manual Lymph Drainage allows me to work on and around ares of acute trauma - whiplash, sports injuries, post surgery and more - significantly decreasing swelling and pain. Chronic pain clients feel significant improvement in sleep patterns, increased endurance and enhanced overall wellbeing with regular massage, leading to a higher quality of life!

As former Massage Therapist to the San Diego Chargers and with a longstanding career of 30 years in Massage/Physical Therapy and Energy Medicine you can trust my multi-faceted skills, deep knowledge in anatomy and keen intuition to address your needs swiftly and successfully.

Whether you are an avid athlete looking to increase performance, stressed out in your job, or simply looking to take time for yourself to rejuvenate your senses, you will find yourself in Healing Hands!

That Special Something...

Elevate your visit by adding one of my luxurious mini treatments to your massage… 

Your gift to yourself for utmost Self-Care!

Are you feeling sluggish, stuck or suffer from inflammation in your joints, muscles and digestive tract? 

Are you desiring to cleanse and purify your body after indulging over the holidays and ease your way into conscious eating that supports your whole being?

Check out:

Manual Lymph Drainage

(Vodder Method)

Feather like, rhythmic strokes reduce pain and swelling, aid detoxification and boost immune system. 

It is excellent after surgery (especially cosmetic), to combat bloating, insomnia, arthritis and chronic fatigue;

for acute pain and trauma (whiplash, fractures, muscle strains etc.), migraines, allergies, dental procedures 

or to support cleansing.


"I've been seeing Anke since 2004 while I was playing in the NFL. She is a very talented, caring professional who is helpful in facilitating one's spiritual Journey toward self awareness."

Donny Edwards,

Former NFL Player

Are you dealing with an issue you simply can't resolve or shift?

Are you inspired and motivated to set authentic,  realistic goals that reflect your desires and dreams?

We all have set and failed at "New Year's Resolutions", leaving us frustrated and disheartened...

I invite you to explore a different way...

Schedule a Shamanic Reading and gain clarity and insight into situations and relationships, 

that have left you stuck in the past and are now calling to be resolved and transcended. 

Receive guidance on how to move forward with fresh perspective, a new vision and intention for 2020.  

Retrieval of your Personal Spirit Animal will show which part of your essence is needed at this point to 

move you forward and thrive! 

New Year's Special:

Book a Shamanic Reading in January or February 

and recieve a 30% discount:

1 Issue Inquiry - $74 (reg. rate $105)

2 Issue Inquiry - $95 (reg. rate $135)

Make 2020 your Personal Best by gaining clarity and setting attainable goals and intentions!

In Numerology you add single digits in a sum to get to a single digit and its meaning. 

2020 = 4.

 4 represents Vision...

Hold your Vision to be of Fulfillment and Purpose!

Contact me with your inqiry and let your Light shine!

Psychic Reading near me, Intuitive Reading near me, Tarot Reading

Self Empowerment Class

Does "Damage Control" best describe your Lifestyle? 

Would you like to finally wake up from "Groundhog Day"?

Do you set motivated goals and intentions only to watch them fizzle out after weeks, 

your old behaviors re-surfacing,

leaving you feeling frustrated, not good or strong enough and powerless?

I will teach you  to learn about and change your default patterns and self sabotage mechanisms 

in a lighthearted, humerous and down to earth way.

Acquire simple yet subtle tools to make lasting changes in your relationships, choices and outlook on life!

Let's write a new story!

Take ownership of your life with the powerful practices of:


Next class begins March 1, 2020. Contact me to leave any inquiries,

or call Anke @ 858-531-6123.

Massage Award:

Embrace Infinity was selected for

2011 "Best of Encinitas" Award in Massage Therapy by the US Commerce Association (USCA).

Call today to schedule your appointment and make your health a priority for yourself!

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New Client Massage Special

$10 off first 60 Minute Massage

$12 off first 75 Minute Massage

$15 off first 90 Minute Massage
Not to be combined with other promotions or specials.

All my Massages include personalized Aroma Therapy, Reflexology and my intuitive blend of 

Massage Techniques for optimal results. 

Click here to check out my Rates and various 

Massage Styles

My vision of a World in Unity is centered in 


Individual Soul Expression and

Collective Empowerment 

through ayurvedic and shamanic living practices.

In Munay, Anke Kramer 

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