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Embrace Infinity

Connecting with Nature

Posted on Monday, April 22, 2019 10:02 AM

Let’s face it… our world is changing more rapidly than ever. Technology and automation are progressing at lightning’s speed. Car vending machines, online shopping/delivery and gadgets that practically change overnight all designed to be more efficient and time saving. I ask myself all the time what do people do with all the extra time and in what way does it improve our quality of life? It seems to me we are more stressed, ill, depressed, aggressive and less connected than ever. We touch our gadgets more than we do a flower, pet or another person. The younger generation is for a great part socially awkward at best – unless they are texting or somehow communicating on social media. They aim to have thousands of followers or friends, yet are unable to create intimate, authentic relationships. So how can we enhance connection to ourselves and loved ones? Connection to Self and Soul?

Spend time in nature! Become aware of Earth’s rhythms daily and seasonal. Literally take time to smell the roses. Walk barefoot, watch the stars, dig in the dirt and plant something, listen to the morning chirp of birds… in short nourish your Soul by nurturing all your senses. I’m saddened by the increase of meal delivery services with ingredients portioned out for you to prepare your meal. First off, all these containers are polluting our environment and now you and your kids don’t even get to see the abundance and beauty our Earth has to offer. When we pick our own produce – even at the supermarket - we connect to nature. When we grow and nurture something – even herbs on your windowsill – we become one with the rhythm of the earth.

Spending time in nature reminds us we are part of something much larger than ourselves and that we are never alone. It calms our nervous system, reduces stress and anxiety and brings about positive feelings of joy, harmony and peace. Nature is simple and magical. It provides order and everything has its place. Connect with the bounty of the earth and let it nourish your Soul…