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Embrace Infinity

Personal Empowerment

The Inka Medicine Wheel

Ancient Wisdom Teachings for Modern World Life

The Inka Medicine Wheel is a four-fold map of personal transformation, empowering you to take stewardship of your life and create your destiny with self-awareness, insight and trust. Each direction of the Wheel is grounded in a different perspective to allow healing on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Go on your own Hero's Journey, face your dragons and find your own unique gifts to share with the world! 

Learn how to find purpose and meaning in your life to create fulfillment from within.

In this experiential 5 week class you will explore and release limiting beliefs and fears, enhance your intuition, discover your personal wisdom and deepen your relationship with the earth and all her relations. Acquire various tools, such as tracking energy in yourself and others, unbinding family and karmic restrictions, 

writing 3 card stories to reveal your Soul’s purpose, clearing your chakras, creating sacred space and much more.

The Medicine Wheel will change the way you live, see, and die. In over thirty years of exploring the healing arts, I have never come across more life altering teachings. I am grateful and honored to be able to share them with you. If you feel ‘tugged’ in any way towards this work, and can listen to that inner tug, there is a place that has been waiting for you since the beginning of time.

Write a new story and join us on the Journey of lasting Transformation!

The Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel

The South - Serpent

In the South we learn the ways of Sachamama, or the Serpent. We look at our stories and how they influence our reality. We learn and look at ways to shed stories that do not serve us. We work with the archetype of Healer, guiding ourselves to be our own greatest healer. We learn energy techniques, tools and practices that enable us to let go and guide us into living in Ayni, right relationship, with ourselves and everything around us.

The West - Jaguar

In the West we work with the Jaguar, Ottorongo. We face our shadows and walk through our dark waters; we learn how to track our realities for those things and ways that do not serve us and we embrace impeccability and integrity. In this direction, we work with the archetype of Warrior, learn how to become luminous warriors, to walk with no enemies in this lifetime or the next. The tools and teachings of this direction guide us into having our heart needs met.

The North - Hummingbird

In the North we work with the Hummingbird, Siwarkente, the bringer of joy. In this direction, we learn how to defy our own gravity, to engage fully with life and drink directly from the nectar of life. We learn the ways of the ancestors, the mountains, and do ceremony to bring us into balance with the Earth, Pachamama. We come to see clearly from a place of self-reference, not reference to the outside reality. We work with the archetype of the Teacher and learn how to be our own greatest teacher.

The East - Eagle

In the East we work with Apuchine and Kuntor, the Eagle and the Condor. We learn how to live and think and act from our heart. We learn to work with time and space in a different manner, transcending our roles. We learn the ways of objectivity and focus, and how to fly wing-tip to wing-tip with the Divine, how to align ourselves with our call on this earth walk. We work with the archetype of the Seer or Visionary, illuminating our destinies for ourselves.

Anke's class gave me the boost and insight I needed to face fears head on and move forward.

Sue N.

Munay-Ki, Pi-Stones, Sacred Space, Shamanic Journey, Power Animal,


Exponential support in your healing and transformation of your human energy field into that of Homo-Luminous (one who lives free of fear and resides in his or her transcendent nature) is attained through the Munay-Ki rites. 

They are given in class over the course of 5 weeks.

Munay-Ki comes from a Quechua word that means 

˜I love you.” The Munay-Ki are the nine rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power who has accepted the stewardship for all creation. Read more... 


To be announced


19648 4th Pl

Escondido,  Lake Hodges

CA 92029



Space is limited to 6 students, please reserve your spot with $170 Deposit by February 20, 2020. 

You may do so by using Zelle through your bank, send to Anke Kramer, 858-531-6123.

This very special edition of the Medicine Wheel is grounded in the number 8 - signifying Abundance and Power - to create and enhance opportunities for the group to manifest the life beyond their biggest dreams!

Tuition in full due first day of class.

For inquiries contact me here or call Anke @ 858-531-6123.

Shamanic Journeying for Family Healing

If you wish to make a positive impact on challenges faced by your extended family, community or even on a planetary scale, join us in this experiential 4 week class and learn how to be of service in a larger way.

Choosing to approach collective challenges from a shamanic of point of view gives you a way to be proactive in a creative way and to make a positive difference – even from a distance!

Every family - including mine - has its challenges, its secrets, its failings, its shadows, things we feel embarssed about and even shameful. Think about how exhausting it is to carry around all that heavy energy!

In most cases, these karmic challenges center around seven key issues:

* Abuse * Addiction * Violence * Poverty * Illness * Abandonment * Betrayal

As we Journey through the 3 worlds we will explore which issues are effecting our families and how to heal those issues, freeing ourselves and loved ones from that karma. 

When we do our personal work - as you will learn in all my classes - we not only heal ourselves and generations to come, we energetically heal generations who came before us!

Sign up for this powerful class today!

Isn't it time to heal?

In the Lower World we will practice the ancient art of Soul Retrieval, discovering and healing original wounds and contracts that prompted us to choose our Birth and Soul Families. We will then transform these contracts, liberating ourselves and our loved ones to freely live our purpose.

In the Middle World we explore "Back Doors" and "Sacred Cows", all those energies that hold us back from fully claiming our destiny. 

We create time lines in regards to our family and how synchronicities have influenced our path thus far.

In the Upper World we will Journey to visit with our children's children, gathering information on how to create a desirable legacy for them through conscious living here and now. You will be surprised at what they have to share with us!


To be announced


19648 4th Pl

EScondido, Lake Hodges

CA 92029




Tuition in full due first day of class.

For inquiries contact me here or 

call Anke @ 858-531-6123.

Power Animal Workshop

From the moment you were born, you came into this life with your own basic nature; true, wonderful and unique to you. Yet most of us begin to be conditioned away from our true essence from the day we take our first independent steps. Eventually we forget who we are, and we then spend the rest of our lives trying to find our purpose so we may live in the state of fulfillment and well-being we all deserve innately. 

There is another way, a different Path…

Retrieving a Power Animal will connect you to your natural, unspoiled state – deep within yourself. In today’s busy, technological world it is easy to get overstimulated, constantly overthinking and over -processing information. Your Power Animal will ground you in your instinctual self, and you can embody its teachings by communicating with it and learning its rhythms, movements,

 and unique way of perceiving the world through messages from Spirit.

Join me as I guide you on a magical Journey and discover how your Power Animal can assist you in reaching higher self-awareness, creating positive change in every aspect of your life! 

Learn how to communicate with your Power Animal and thrive!

I offer this workshop ongoing. If you have a group of people interested at work, your friends, family, yoga class etc. and you are in the San Diego vicinity, contact me. Rates vary, depending on group size. Small groups are accommodated at my sanctuary by the lake. Separate expenses for traveling to larger group setting apply.


Ongoing, upon request


19648 4th Pl

Escondido, Lake Hodges

CA 92029 


Location of your choice in greater San Diego area.

Rates for travel apply.

Minimum of 5 per group


$44 per person

To inquire about corporate rates contact me or call Anke @ 858-531-6123


Anke Kramer

Navigating life in our busy world today with constant and rapid changes in technology and automation, I find it more important than ever to nurture human connection through Heart and Soul. I am excited to share with you dynamic, empowering tools to create a purposeful life of purpose, fulfillment, passion and Joy - individually and in community. My intention is to bring the mythical practice of Shamanism into the everyday reality of our modern world through a grounded, inquisitive, practical and experiential approach. 

Drawing on my colorful life experience, compassion and insight I assist you in connecting with your authentic source of power… your Soul.


Healer, Spiritual Counseler, Holistic Healing, Therapy, Retreat, Life Coach, Classes

I’ve taken three of her classes and had quite a few private, healing sessions. Anke’s intuitive, patient, generous, and insightful nature has really opened me up to being more real with myself and living in integrity. She truly has a special gift for healing. I have to say, I do feel a deeper connection to the universe in ways I didn’t expect when I first started seeing Anke. My work with her has been more effective than all the years of work I did with traditional therapists. I also notice all the amazing syncronicities of life and the feeling of being connected to something larger than myself feels great.