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Embrace Infinity

Your Spiritual and Earthly Journey

Shamanic Healing Drum, Rattle, Journey, Soul Retrieval, Past Life, Karma

What is a Shaman?

Dictionary definition: One who sees in the dark. My personal, humorous touch: "Soul Whisperer". I am a Healer and Spiritual Guide who facilitates rapid transformation and movement towards positive change through shamanic practices. 

When you come to me for massage, I will work predominately with your physical body. During a shamanic healing session, I will address your energetic body; your luminous energy field and your chakras. The chakras connect to our spine and inform our neuro-physiology and brain directly.

We all have those lovely people in our lives who push our buttons, right? You know who they are...

And while sharing our issues - 

as we do for example in traditional therapy - will oftentimes give us understanding of 

how we are triggered and

we may learn how to cope,

some experiences or traumas simply cannot be accessed on a mental level.

So I'm asking you not to get frustrated at

your "lack" of discipline, determination or will,

if perhaps you have tried - and failed - to shift and resolve issues, behavioral. thought and emotional patterns...

in short stop the foolishness that gets you in trouble and keeps you 

stuck in muck!

Yes, there is and 

yes, you deserve a better life!

Shamanic Healing intervenes at the level of Spirit and my work as a Shaman is targeted at the very source... to remove the button, clearing your energy field to create your life from a new perspective.

You then have the opportunity to heal and release the trauma of the past, take ownership of your life and redirect your energy towards creating a vibrant and healthy future.

I assist you in building an intimate relationship with your Soul, your authentic source of power,

so you can map out a new Journey and be the Hero of your own Myth... 

What would that look like? What are your dreams? What are you passionate about?

Whether you choose an individual session or group setting in class, you will feel empowered to create a map for 

your future that fills you with excitement and joy!

Shamanic Healing

The Illumination Process 

The Illumination process is the shaman’s practice of energy medicine as taught in the Light Body training. It is founded on the research of Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., a medical anthropologist who trained with Native American Medicine people in the Andes and the Amazon. Illumination has been practiced for thousands of years and is a powerful tool for personal transformation. Its underlying principle is that our emotional, genetic and karmic history organizes energy, often leaving dense or heavy imprints in our luminous energy field, which create emotional and physical dysfunction.

How does it work?

The luminous energy field holds the blueprint of our body just as an architectural drawing holds the design of a house. But unlike a physical blueprint, which is separate and remains intact as the house ages, our luminous template is continually informed by both positive and negative incidents we experience during our lives. Unresolved psychological and spiritual traumas become engraved like scratch marks in our luminous fields.

Every scratch mark or imprint in our luminous energy field is linked to a chakra through which it releases its toxic data into the central nervous system. Imprints are like dormant computer programs that when activated compel us toward behaviors, relationships, accidents and illnesses that parody the initial wounding. 

Imprints propel us to re-create painful dramas and heartbreaking encounters, yet ultimately guide us toward situations wherein we can heal our ancient soul wounds.

The Illumination Process

achieves healing in three ways

  • First, it burns up sludge and deposits adhering to the walls of a chakra. This promotes longevity and strengthens the immune response.
  • Second, it combusts the toxic energy around malignant physical and emotional imprints. This is the fuel that an imprint employs to express itself.
  • Third, it scours clean the imprints of the luminous energy field.

The Illumination Process

brings about healing at the source, at the blueprint of our being. When these imprints are erased, one can readily change negative emotions and behaviors. The power of the immune system is unleashed, so that physical healing is accelerated!

The Illumination Process

is the foundation of my shamanic healing session. Other modalities, such as Mythic Expression, Extractions and Soul Retrieval may come into play as well. By calling on the lineage of my shamanic tradition I create and hold sacred space for you, to work energetically through issues and traumas in a safe environment.

Soul Loss

Soul Disconnect

Western Medicine mostly focuses on the 

physical, mental and emotional aspect of a person, 

whereas Indigenous cultures address the Soul as the cause of illness and disease.

Soul Loss, Soul Retrieval, Cancer, Shamanism, Support Group, Self Help

In this rapidly changing world of technology and automation we can find ourselves anxious and fearful, 

with a nervous system that never rests, 

we're exhausted, depressed and lethargic with barely enough energy to function in life. 

Perhaps we have become dull, emotionally flat-lined and have come to accept this level of "existing" 

rather than actually "living" and even "thriving" as the norm. 

We allow ourselves to be labeled and "treated" with external substances and resources, promising to "fix" our problem, yet those seem to only be a band-aid, suffocating a wound that will not heal. Unless and until we heal at the innermost source, the symptoms might potentially improve, yet often on some level remain. 

Or worse, we may develop new symptoms, "side-effects" of the treatment and will now have to weigh in risks and limitations of "solutions" that are being pushed on us in sweet lullaby fashion by MD's and advertisement. We have become entranced with the "cure" and forgotten the ancient art of "healing". 

While the cure usually has its focus on external treatment, healing comes from deep within. Shamanic Healing does exactly that. Among the many tools listed below, I utilize the ancient art of Soul Retrieval, 

facilitating the return of your fragmented Soul piece(s), so you may feel complete.

Throughout our lives we are faced with situations of moderate to severe stress and trauma causing parts of ourselves to leave, as we are unable to integrate the experience and aspects of self into a unified whole. 

In Psychology this is referred to as “Splitting”. Such events of trauma (emotional/physical abuse, rape, molestation, divorce, loss of a loved one, illness, miscarriage/abortion, shock, or witnessing these events happening to others) initiate our survival mechanism and parts of our Souls unconsciously separate. 

Post-traumatic stress symptom in the military population is an excellent example. 

As a result we feel vulnerable with compromised life force energy and not quite complete. Many try to fill the void with mind-altering substances, addictive behaviors, food, sex, work, shopping and more. 

We find ourselves in dysfunctional relationships, unsatisfying jobs and just trying to get by. 

We wonder why we can’t muster the will, discipline and determination to tackle the obstacles in our lives 

so we can finally be at peace and content.

What if I told you it is not so much your mind that needs healing, but your Soul? 

And what if I told you Shamanic Healing does exactly that? 

Healing your energetic body effects all of you (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually), 

allowing you to live your life fully!

Ask yourself if any of these thoughts resonate with you:

I'm not (good) enough

I feel overwhelmed, hopeless, pessimistic

My fears keep me from a large life

I constantly judge others

My life is filled with mundane routines

I tend to "check out" or numb myself

I watch too much television

Giving comes easy, receiving is hard

I don't belong here

I don't remember parts of my past

I can't set healthy boundaries

I attract abusive relationships of any kind

I have poor health with vague issues

I simply never feel like myself

Mesa, Soul, Healing, Rattle, Chakra, Crystal, Reading, Intuitive, Self-Care

And then, maybe... you ask:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

How can a Shaman help?

Discover how this beautiful, ancient healing tradition can assist you in re-acquiring your sense of self, 

by connecting to your authentic source of power...

I invite you to meet your Soul.

" I've been in 7 years of off & on therapy, and in 

2 sessions with Anke I felt like I had made more progress than in any other 6 months of therapy. "


Shamanic Healing Session

In a shamanic Healing Session various elements come into play, depending on your individual needs at the time and "what's up" for you to process and heal.

I track your energy field prior to, during and after your visit, as we dialog and energetically address your original imprints for deep healing.

A combination of my tools may include:

Mesa Reading


Hands on Energy Healing

Light and Energy Channeling

Spiritual Counseling and Teaching

Healing Drum or Rattle

Clear Crystal (to extract energy)

Journey (Soul Retrieval, Power Animal)

Kuya (Healing Stone from my Mesa)

3 card story (to tap into your Soul)

Various Healing Crystals

Essential Oils

Sage and Palo Santo

Crystal, Healing, Smudging, Empowerment, Extraction, Luminous Energy Field, Sacred Space

During your Session I clear and strengthen your energy field and chakras. You may sense certain things, or simply feel very relaxed. I will then share with you tools to integrate this work over the following weeks at home, so you may take ownership of your wellbeing.

This is your Journey!

Please allow about 90 minutes for your session.


In Office Visit - $120 (60 min)

Remote Session - $120 (60min)

Series of 3 is recommended to bring deeper lying issues to the surface and achieve lasting results.

Save with Wellness Packages:

In Office Package of 3 - $330 (save $30)

Remote Package of 3 - $330 (save $30)

Shamanic Reading:

Personal Divination

Through this comprehensive Divination process you will:

Gain Insight into your Challenges

Connect with your Spirit Guides

Shift your Energy

Contact me with your inquiry and question(s), please be as specific and detailed as possible. 

Upon receiving your email and payment I will conduct a multi-faceted reading for you 

- approximately 60 minutes in solitude - 

pertaining to your inquiry, including:

Tracking (reading your energy)

Oracle Cards

Mesa Reading

Shamanic Journeying

Message from Spirit Guide(s)

Retrieval of Power Animal

We will then schedule a 30-45 minute phone conversation to I share the obtained information of your reading.

You will also receive a numerology report to help you understand how your numbers impact you as a person.

To purchase your Reading click here.


One Inquiry Reading - $95

Two Inquiry Reading - $ 125

"I just had a Shamanic Reading with Anke, and I have to say it was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had, she was amazing!!! She took so much time and care in my session, leaving no stone unturned, giving me information and insight that was life changing."

Soul Care - Self Care

A wonderful way to embrace Soul Care as a natural part of your day is through Self Care, such as creating your personal nurturing, inspiring rituals.

My Shamanic Bath incorporates essential oils and detoxifying elements such as Epsom Salt, Baking Soda and Essential Oils, making it perfect for your morning or evening bath, depending on the oils you choose. Smudging enhances your experience through its cleansing powers and creating Sacred Space.

For my rejuvenating recipe contact me with your request. 

To enhance your Healing Journey I offer beatiful items such as crystals, pendulums, jewelry, smudging sets and more in my Shamanic Bazaar. 

Take time at your next visit to browse and treat yourself or a loved one!

Shamanic Mentoring